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The S.I.S.'s Installations & Special Systems Department has specialized in the study, design and realization of devices, equipment and electronic systems integrated for Residential and Industrial Security, Surveillance and Investigation fields through a full range of Professional Services on entire National Territory.
The Department is composed by a Professional Staff constituted by Engineers, Operators and Technical Advisors, right employment of advanced technologically instrumentation and valid solutions for a guaranteed result.
The technical competence and the constant investment in search and innovation has allowed the realization of a full range of Services, Products and Solutions for every type of requirement.
The S.I.S.'s Installations & Special Systems Department represents the maximum expression of Professionality and Reliability for Individuals, Business, Corporate, Law Enforcement, Government, Private Investigation and Military Agencies.
The S.I.S.'s Installations & Special Systems Department is subdvided in Three Main Sections:
Technological Systems
Technological Systems Section

The S.I.S.'s Technological Systems Section offers the top brands of Alarm Systems and Security Alarm Equipment, technical installation and programming support. A wide range of applications for Residential & Commercial requirements as well as Securing Doors/Windows, Motion Detectors, Video Surveillance (recorded
& remotely monitored), IP Network Systems, Wireless Systems, Central Monitoring, Access Control, Automation Systems, Intercom and Paging Systems and Fire/Smoke Protection.
Special Installations
Special Installations Section

The S.I.S.'s Special Installations Section in collaboration with the Security & Investgations Services offers Law Authorized Installations of Special Devices as well as Remote Control Systems, Interception Monitoring Systems, Computer Networks Controls, GPS/GSM/GPRS Vehicle Tracking Systems and a wide range of Intelligence Technology Solutions to support Law Enforcement, Government, Investigation and Military Agencies.
Sport Extreme
Sport Extreme Section

The S.I.S.'s Sport Extreme Section offers a wide range of Audio/Video recording solutions and GPS/GSM/GPRS Tracking Systems for sports and outdoor activities.
The user can capture images, sounds, geographic coordinates, location, speed, direction, etc.
Microcameras, Mini DVRs, Wireless A/V Transmitters Systems, Locator Systems and Accessories designed for several purposes.
The S.I.S. professionality is the Definitive Solution for your Safety, Security and Privacy.
Security & Investgations Services
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