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SIS-Scrambit is a software for your PDA/Smartphone that will resolve all of your security problems.
You can make totally secure calls and protecting your privacy without any change in your normal conversation mode.

With SIS-Scrambit you can use a simple interface very similar compared to the normal Windows® Mobile interface.

You can be sure that your calls are private and nobody will be able to intercept them.

SIS-Scrambit software will change your communication methods. You will be able to make secure communication when using your GSM phone.

By using SIS-Scrambit software you will be sure that:

• You will be able to speak in a secure way
• Nobody will be able to intercept your conversations on your
  phone or on GSM network
• You can use a friendly interface, very simple and similar to your   usual Windows® Mobile interface
Using SIS-Scrambit you will be protected from anyone tho might want to intercept your private conversations. S.I.S. - Security Intelligence Services provides this innovative software for Smartphone/PDA with security being of paramount importance.
S.I.S. mission is to provide specific software tools to protect the most precious thing for individual as well as for companies.
Technical Specifications
• System guaranteed with simple and intuitive interface

SIS-Scrambit system uses the algorithms of coding
  Diffie-Helmann and AES (Advanced Encryption

SIS-Scrambit guarantees the best performances in
  speed and quality terms of the voice (inferior latency to
  2 seconds)

SIS-Scrambit uses the push-buttons of the phone   device “call” and “hangup” beyond the buttons designed   in the screen interface

SIS-Scrambit is perfectly integrated with the system   menu and remembers the last incoming and outgoing   calls in a database list

• The software is translated into Italian, English and other
  language. You can select your favorite language!

• You can also personalize your theme and your mobile

SIS-Scrambit software can be installed and activated
  directly from the user.
System Requirements:

• PC: Microsoft® Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 4
• Windows® Mobile Device Center or Active Sync
• PDA: 300 MHz CPU and 128 MB RAM
• Windows® Mobile OS
• 10 MB of available device space
(with .NET Compact Framework 2.0)
• 5 MB (without .NET Compact Framework 2.0)
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Availability: Immediate
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